GENZone and Email Services (Now Legacy Retired)

These services are now retired. See the End of Life Schedule

For Help with the retirement of TLS/SSL, See the Disabling TLS/SSL Article

Migration Proceedure. See the Migrating Article

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Retirement and Migration  
  2. Account Frozen (or Disabled)  
  3. Automatic removal of dangerous attachments  
  4. Disable Spam Filtering in Outlook 365  
  5. Disabling of SSL/TLS as part of retirement schedule - Actions  
  6. Error 501 Domain Must Resolve & Error 501 PTR Records mismatch  
  7. Error 554 when trying to send Email to GEN Customers  
  8. Error 554 when trying to send outside of GEN  
  9. GENX/GENZone Quotas and Service Options  
  10. Getting your S/MIME Email Certificate  
  11. Has my email been intercepted and used to impersonate me?  
  12. Hijack Detection  
  13. How to repair your Outlook Data Files  
  14. I have not received an email but the sender assures me it was sent  
  15. If your setting up GENX/GENZone email and you manage your own domain then you'll need to add SPF records  
  16. Insecure Certificate Warnings on GENX Web Interface  
  17. Mail Settings for EWS (Exchange Web Services)  
  18. Mail Settings for IMAP4  
  19. Mail Settings for SMTP Outbound Only  
  20. Mailing List and Group Options  
  21. Migrating away from GENZone / GENXv1  
  22. mimecast and Envelope blocked  
  23. Mimecast and the seemingly endless stream of delivery issues to and from them.  
  24. OUTLOOK 2013: What to check if your not receiving meeting requests & invites  
  25. Outlook 2016 hangs for long periods whilst moving items between folders  
  26. Prevent Outlook from Answering Read Receipt Requests for Emails  
  27. Problem Providers for Corporate Email  
  28. RFC Compliance Requirements  
  29. Setting up Outlook 2013 for GENX IMAP  
  30. SPF Records for GEN Hosted Email  
  31. The Policy Block List  
  32. Thunderbird suddenly stops sending and optionally receiving email after an update  
  33. unverified address: Our attempt to send a reply email failed  
  34. Using GENX/GENZone to manage your spam  
  35. Where is all this SPAM coming from and how do they get my email address?  
  36. Whistlisting  
  37. Why is Google email constantly blacklisted?  
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