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Domain Management Transfer
Last Updated 5 years ago

To Transfer your domain(s) to another service provider you will need to follow the processes described here:

  • To complete form DTA-02 in full, and return this together with any transfer payment due.
  • To submit any zone changes prior to transfer at least 72 hours before the actual transfer.
  • To be aware that any and all services provided on said domain name will cease at the time of transfer
  • To ensure your account with GEN and its companies is in order including any remaining terms on services provided on the transferring domains.

The form will then be processed in accordance with DR1 and you understand that once the process has been initiated it cannot be reversed or prevented by us and that you are solely responsible for the continued operation of your domain names.

We will make telephone calls to verify and confirm the legal registrants wishes prior to proceeding with the transfer. For Limited companies that will be a director and for partnerships a partner and for sole traders the owner(s).
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