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Blocking and other invasive pop-ups
Last Updated 4 years ago

One of the many spin-of's from the EU's poorly thought-out data protection legislation is a myriad of start-ups offering 'legally required' pop-ups on websites when in fact it's not necessary or legally required.

The most annoying one so far is who's pop-up causing issues with plug-ins and browsers as well as being generally ANNOYING because you need to 'agree' every single time you visit the website when using recommended browser privacy settings. To block this pop-up from all the sites that mistakenly though it was a good idea you need to add an entry in your hosts file. In windows this lives in /windows/system32/drivers/etc and in Linux/MacOS its in /etc

Edit this file using a text editor after acquiring the required elevation (su for Linux/MacOS, Administrator for Windows) and add a new line

Save the file and you're done. No more stupid pop-ups interfering with your browsing experience.
You *may* need to reboot your machine for this to take effect on Windows, but it should take effect immediately on Linux/MacOS.

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