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Using GENX/GENZone to manage your spam
Last Updated 8 years ago

Dealing with spam has for many years been a real challenge, to get the balance right between false positives and a mailbox full of spam. However over the last year or so, with the use of RBL's, blacklists and smart spam rules we have virtually eliminated spam from your mailbox with a very high accuracy. 

However, to take it a step further, we are now providing email's to you which 'could' be spam. In the past we would have silently removed these, or let them pass, but now with this new classificaiton it allows you to control your spam with your own personal black and white lists. 

A white list, is a list of email addresses which you DO want to receive email from regardless of their spam'iness. 
a black list is the opposite and contains email addresses you DO NOT want to receive regardless. 

In the WorldClient & Lookout Themes: 
In the web client, when selecting an email to read, hover the mouse over the 'from:' in the preview pane and you will be presented with "Add to blacklist"/ "Add to whitelist" . Simply click on one of those to take that action. 

In the other Themes:
You may use the 'This is spam' and 'This is not spam' buttons to allow/block the sender. 

You can of course have anti-spam disabled completely for your domain (except those if you so choose. 

IMAP Filters and automating the removal of suspected spam:

Your mailbox is very versatile and imap filters are a great way to automate the distribution of email into folders (as well as many other powerful features). If you select 'Filters' from the options/gear menu then you will see that two filters are generally created for you based on two pre-processing flags. Let's create a new filter here to move suspected SPAM into the spam folder...

1. Under 'New Filter' change it to say..

If Subject contains [***SPAM*** move to Spam

and click Add Filter. The newly created filter will be shown below. 

Now when suspected spam arrives it will be automatically moved to your 'Spam' Folder. You can of course select to 'delete' it instead by simply changing the option in the filter setup. 


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