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Retirement Schedule
Last Updated 6 years ago

As part of an ongoing upgrade process, we migrate hosting environments between OS versions automatically as part of the process, but where an upgrade can (and probably will) cause comparability issues we leave legacy systems active and encourage customers to migrate at their own pace. The following hosting services are officially retired but will be maintained for another 5 years from retirement date to allow for full migration.

Defiant(ASP) - Retired September 2010
Andromeda(ASP) - Retired March 2015
Nexus(SQL) - Retired August 2016

Any customer wishing to migrate will be setup with new webspace free of charge on a test domain (usually test.yourdomain) to facilitate full testing before moving the main domain(s). On retired services FTP is disabled by default. Contact your account manager, or raise a ticket at the helpdesk if you wish to upgrade.

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