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Retirement and Migration
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As with most things, technology moves on and at GEN we like to be innovators bringing the latest technology and systems to market for our customers. This means that as we migrate to newer and better systems, customers will need to migrate with us in order to have access to the latest platforms. There is of course no charge for this migration. This KB article deals with the migration schedule of Email, Messaging and Groupware.

GENMail came into service in 2000 and was retired in 2015

GENZone came into service in 2012 and will be retired in 2022

GENXv1 came into service in 2016, and will be retired in 2024

Most GENZone customers have already migrated to the new platforms (If you have not already migrated, then please raise a ticket at the HelpDesk and we'll get it done) leaving only a handful of legacy customers who are unable to migrate because their legacy systems can't understand the modern protocols. These customers will remain on the platform post retirement until such time as they have all upgraded and can migrate, or 2025 whichever is sooner.

Winding down schedule for GENZone:

  • 2021-04: Invitation to Migrate offered and Migrations begin.
  • 2022-04: Replacement of Serrigo Certificate with self-signed for both HTTPS & SMTPS. This will mean that customers wishing to use encryption should trust the certificate, OR, turn off encryption in their settings.
  • 2022-08: Retirement of the GENZone web service, leaving only SMTP/IMAP4 services running.
  • 2022-11: Retirement of ActiveSync (EWS & Blackberry Enterprise) Service.
  • 2023-04: On the 19th we will disable all SSL/TLS Services and withdraw certificates.
  • 2025-04: Retirement of the service.

Winding down schedule for GENXv1:

  • 2022-08: Migration of Enterprise Customers Begins.
  • 2024-08: Migration should be complete and the service will be retired.

Current & Future Platforms

GENXv2, which replaces both GENZone and GENXv1 is expected to be in service for at least another 8 years, maybe more but its impossible to know how technology will evolve over the longer term, but rest assured we will always be bringing you the very best services from the latest stable technologies.

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