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Migrating to GEN Virtual Hosted Systems
Last Updated 4 months ago

The Migration path is a simple process and can be separated into two streams as follows. During the migration process the HelpDesk will undertake to support you as needed.


You will need to have access to your current website using FTP. This will be a host-name, username and password.

You will need to be able to access all and any email accounts you will be migrating.

You will need to have initiated the transfer of your domain name(s) to GEN.


We will generate a new DNS Zone for your domain(s) and populate this with records for your CURRENT website and email. This is so we can migrate the domain name and keep your services operating without interruption.


We will build your new webspace and email accounts on our systems. You will be provided with all the logins and passwords.


You will need to upload your website using SFTP to your new webspace. If you are unsure and have the login information to your current site then the HelpDesk can assist in the transfer.


You will need to setup the new email accounts on your endpoints, the HelpDesk can assist if you need any help on this. Once these new accounts are setup, you can transfer email from your old mailboxes to the new ones, OR transfer that mail to Personal Folders (outlook) or Local Folders (Thunderbord) or some other form of local storage. At this stage email will still be delivered to your existing mailboxes.


We will re-target email delivery to your new mailboxes, this should take about an hour to update.

We will re-target your domain to your new webspace, this will also take about an hour to update everywhere. 


At this point the migration is complete and you will be able to cease the service with your previous provider. If at any time during the migration process you need assistance, the HelpDesk will be poised to help.

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