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FTTP Provisioning
Last Updated 2 years ago

The FTTP Provision consists of three sections

The CBT (Connectorised Block Terminal) which is often in a street cabinet, underground or on a utility pole is the origin for the fibre optic cable. It is routed from here to the site and terminates in a ...

The CSP (Customer Service Point) is a grey box fitted to the outside of the premises at which the fibre from the street (CBT) terminates. A further fibre is run from the CSP to the ultimate destination within the premises...

The ONT (Optical Network Termination) is where the fibre finally terminates and is converted from optical to electrical, presenting a familiar RJ45. This is where the equipment is connected. The ONT does require mains power, so this must be available.

If you have selected a managed service, then we will have already provided the equipment to connect to the ONT, otherwise connection and configuration will need to be done with your own equipment. 

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