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Disabling of SSL/TLS as part of retirement schedule - Actions
Last Updated a year ago

When we disable the TLS Certificate on the Legacy GENZone/GENX platform, and you are currently using TLS or SSL then this will start to produce errors on your clients.

All customer should now have migrated to newer systems leaving only legacy customers using GENZone/GENXv1 that are unable to migrate for technical reasons. If you have not yet migrated but can do then simply raise a ticket at the HelpDesk and we'll organise this for you at no charge at all.

To resolve this, you simply need to edit the client configuration and remove TLS/SSL settings. In most cases this means: 


In Account Settings / Server Settings - Change "Connection Security" from SSL/TLS to "None". Do this for both the email account that is still on the legacy system, and the "Outgoing Server" (at the bottom).

Outlook 2019/365:

  • File / Info / Account Settings / Account Settings
  • Select the account and click "Repair"
  • Open "Advanced Options" and click Repair
  • Open "Incomming mail"
  • check/correct username, password, server, Set "port" to 143, Set "Encryption Method" to "None"
  • Uncheck "Require Logon using Secured Password Authentication"
  • Open "Outgoing mail"
  • Check/correct Server, Set "port" to 25, Set "Encryption method" to "None"
  • Tick "My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication"
  • check/set the same settings as incomming server
  • Finally, click "Repair"
  • On the next screen click "Done"
  • On the next screen click "Close"

Apple Mail (iOS):

  • Settings / Mail / Accounts / Your legacy account
  • Select IMAP account
  • Select "SMTP" under "OUTGOING MAIL SERVER"
  • Select "" under PRIMARY SERVER (or in OTHER SMTP SERVERS if not Primary)
  • Un-select "Use SSL"
  • Change "Server Port" to 25
  • Now select "Done" top right.
  • Now select "
  • Now select "Advnaced" at the bottom.
  • Scroll down to "Use SSL" and un-set it.
  • Set "Server Port" to 143
  • Select "
  • Select "Done" top right.


You simply need to disable TLS/SSL, and change the ports to 143 for IMAP and 25 for SMTP if they are not already this (most will be). Your software vendor should have help and support to change these, or you can of course raise a ticket at the HelpDesk and we'll assist you. 

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