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Migrating away from GENZone / GENXv1
Last Updated 8 months ago

All customers are invited to migrate to more advanced and secure platforms available at GEN. There is no charge for this, and we will support you through the migration.

The steps to migrate are shown below. You may not need all steps if you have your own IT department who will do some of the work.

  1. Schedule a time to do it
  2. WE will build the new configuration on the new platform and provide all the new credentials for each mailbox. You can of course at this time choose to add to remove mailboxes.
  3. YOU will then setup your devices to use the new mailboxes. This includes desktops, mobile devices and so on. There are walk-through tutorials in this knowledge base for Thunderbird, Outlook and Apple Mail (link at the bottom). If you get stuck we can help with this.
  4. WE will then redirect new email to deliver to the new mailboxes and test. This completes the migration.

If you want to transfer all the current email from your old mailboxes to the new ones, we have a tool to do this for you, but you will need to provide us with the passwords for those mailboxes, or we can reset the passwords if you don't have them.


You can use tools like Thunderbirds 'local folders' or Outlooks 'personal folders' to archive all your old email yourself. The old mailboxes will remain active on the system for a few weeks post migration to allow for any archiving or copying. 

The new platforms provide a completely redesigned and considerably more feature rich web interface, along with enhanced security such as openPGP and TLS1.3, better antispam protection, better antivirus protection and a host of other features like Rules and Auto replies.

Configuration Walkthrough's

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