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GENX/GENZone Quotas and Service Options
Last Updated 8 years ago

The GENX/GENZone platform establishes quotas for the online storage of email, documents, calendars, contacts and notes. These quotas default to 2048 items and 256Mb of storage with the standard service. The use of quotas ensures the fast and efficient operation of the mail service and promotes regular housekeeping and archiving.

Additional Service options can be added to increase the quota to 9999 items and 4GB of storage in the following increments:

Option Items Storage
Standard 2048 256MB
Professional 4096 1024MB
Enterprise 9999 2048MB
Enterprise + 9999 4096MB

Service upgrades can be added at any time but cannot be downgraded once applied without terminating the service and recreating. The cost of the upgrades are not fixed and depend on the contract plan, term, service level etc.

To request a service upgrade simply raise a ticket via the support system and list the mailboxes and service options to be applied.

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