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RFC Compliance Requirements
Last Updated 7 years ago

We don't require that messages submitted for delivery confirm to all standards, but we do insist on the basics which are: 

Messages must:

  1. Be greater than 32 bytes in size (the minimum size necessary to include all required parts)
  2. Have a DATE: header
  3. Have either a FROM: or a SENDER: header
  4. If present, there can be only one FROM: header
  5. If present, there can be only one SUBJECT: header
Messages can be exempt from compliance checks if:
  1. They are from authenticated sessions
  2. They are from a trusted IP
  3. The FROM: is from a trusted domain 
Note: Customers using AntiSpam Maxim will find additional compliance checks which we will not disclose of obvious reasons. 

If you are still receiving a rejection message, and you've checked that your email as all the above requirements, then raise a ticket via the helpdesk and paste in the entire email source including headers, MIME boundaries and Encoding. 

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