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Email Source
Last Updated 6 years ago

There are times, especially when diagnostics are required that you may be asked for the message source. The source is the original, unaltered message as received. Programs like Microsoft Outlook strip and truncate the headers so these programs are not able to provide the message source in its entirety. Lucking, GENZone and GENX have a method to provide the source which is detailed below:

1. Login to your email account via and select WorldClient Theme if not already selected.
2. Select the relevant email.
3. Right Click, and then select "View Source"


The source will be shown in a new window. Copy this in its entirety and paste into a ticket (or notepad and attach to a ticket).

Do not supply it as a PDF, DOC or any other structured format as these will (a) interfere with the structure, and (b) we can't work with them as we sometimes need to pass the email through various processors and filters.

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