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Installing Junos on Windows
Last Updated 8 years ago

Step 1. Download the appropriate version from the website. use x86 for 32 bit, and x64 for 64 bit. 

Step 2. Run the installer. Click Next and then Install. 


Step 3. When installation is complete Press FINISH

Step 4. Look at the task bar icon area for the Pulse Icon (looks like a white S). Right click that and then select 'Open Pulse Secure'. 


Step 5. Click on the + symbol to the right of connections. 


Select "Policy Secure (UAC) or Connect Secure (VPN)" as the type. 
Enter your company name or an abbreviation in Name
Enter where realm is your companies assigned realm. This is really important. 
Press ADD. 

Step 6. Now click Connect and enter your username and password. These are case sensitive. DO NOT click Save Settings*


Step 6. Now click Connect to make a network connection. If all goes well you will be connected securely to your corporate network. At this point you can map up any resources required. The actual mapping does depend on the services provides to your realm so if unsure please contact us. 


If you run into any problems installing the Junos client then raise a ticket at the helpdesk and someone will support you remotely. 

* Do not save settings when entering your username and password or these will be saved and you will not be prompted for these again. If you do save them and then subsequently loose your laptop then please raise an emergency ticket at the helpdesk as soon as possible so we can deactivate your credentials. 
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