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How to remove 'Get Office' and other advertisements in Windows 10
Last Updated 7 years ago

If you are unfortunate enough to have upgraded to windows 10 and found half your stuff doesn't work and there's no way back then a fresh re-install of windows 7 is probably the only option. If however you've upgraded and its all pretty much working then you may want to get rid of a number of windows 10 annoyances and we'll deal with those here.
Firstly, Windows 10 bring's Microsoft advertising directly to your desktop. No one asked for this or wants it, but its there and luckily its easy to turn off.

Go to Start / Settings, then Personalisation, then Start from the bottom left and finally locate and disable "occasionally show suggestions in start".

Now your free of that, how about the equally annoying pop-ups that seems to want you to try various Microsoft products and so on?

Go to Start / Settings, then System, then Notifications & Actions from the left and finally, disable "Show me tips about windows".

Then scroll to the bottom of that window and look for things like "Get Office" and turn that off too.

And at last, quiet.
Well for now at least, until Microsoft push out another update, and yet more annoying ads.

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