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How to efficiently use the HelpDesk.
Last Updated 7 years ago

The HelpDesk is designed for quick and efficient processing of issues, changes and terminations but to do this we need you to follow some simply rules when createing tickets;

Make sure you select the correct Help Topic

The Topics translate into staff teams that are experts in those areas. If you select the wrong Topic, or just 'support' then someone will have to re-assign it to the correct team once they've looked at it and this can cause delays in responding especially as each Topic has a set service level associated with it. Further, some Topic's such as DNS will ask for a domain name or some other critical information and if you select the wrong topic then this information isn't automatically associated with the ticket and engineers will not be able to use the automation without first editing the ticket which adds yet more delays as only managers can 'edit' tickets.

Don't mix and match Ticket's

A single ticket is for a single issue and target, and by target we mean a domain name, email account, hosting service, and so on. Raising a ticket for 'help setting up IMAP on iPhone' is great, but don't then ask for help with hosting on the same ticket as that's a totally different team. When you raise a ticket the 'Issue Summary' is the subject of the ticket so please do not deviate from this. This helps both us and you keep track of the issues outstanding by using the Issue Summary.

Don't create new tickets for unresolved issues

If an issue that you have already raised a ticket for is NOT resolved and yet an agent has closed the ticket then please do not create another ticket but instead just re-open the original. This means we can track what has been done before and helps greatly in coming to a final resolution, and of course it is also not counted as another ticket against your quota. If you were to create a new ticket its entirely possible that a different agent will simply do the same thing as the first agent and it sitll won't be resolved.

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