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Unintended Upgrade to Windows 10
Last Updated 8 years ago

Microsoft has been pushing the free upgrade to Windows 10 to all PC's that use Windows Update by putting a small icon on the taskbar shown below on the left.


Clicking this icon will tell you that you can upgrade for free to windows 10 and that your upgrade is reserved as below:


This is bad because whilst it doesn't say it, your going to end up with Windows 10 installed and no way back to the Windows version you currently have. (There is a way back, but the way back can only be used for the first 30 days and if it fails, and it does then your PC is dead and requires a full re-install from original media that you probably don't have)

So If you do want Windows 10 then leave it alone by clicking CLOSE, but if you DO NOT want windows 10 then click Cancel reservation and then agree in the following screen.

If you've come here because you've already come into work to find your PC has upgraded itself to Windows 10 then..

  • There is no way back without a complete re-install.
  • Please read the other articles HERE to disable features in Windows 10 that you might not want.
  • Some hardware and software will not work correctly in Windows 10 and the list is extensive so test each application and hardware device that you require to ensure they are still working.

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