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ICANN Rules affecting domain registrants
Last Updated 8 years ago

The latest best idea from ICANN is that if you make a change to a domain name's registrant, that information then requires verification, because of course your not capable of getting the information correct. In fact that's not the reason, its all about $$$.

Since WHOIS information (the information supplied as part of the registration process) is available for all to see, it is regularly trawled for email address collection and spamming. For this reason most of us fudge the contact email addresses, or assign them to an account which isn't regularly used. For GEN customers, we assign this to an automated email which processes valid messages and dump's spam.

ICANN came up with a process a few years ago called "WHOIS PRIVACY" for which you can pay an additional charge per year to have your email address hidden. Why? to stop it being spammed of course. But no one is going to be paying additional charges when they can just fudge their email address right?

Hence "verification". Now you have to use valid email addresses, and if you want to avoid spam, then you need to pay extra, and because the "verification" request requires clicking on links and following web pages, its not something the automation can do at our end.

So, the moral of this story; "Don't change anything on your domain unless absolutely necessary". If its wrong, it can stay wrong and nothing bad will happen, but if you change it, then your going to have to verify it, which is bad.

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