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Prevent Outlook from Answering Read Receipt Requests for Emails
Last Updated 6 years ago

To make Outlook ignore all requests for read receipt you receive:

  1. Click File in your Outlook email inbox.
  2. Select Options on the left.
  3. Go to the Mail section.
  4. Make sure Never send a read receipt is selected under For any message received that includes a read receipt request: in the Tracking section.
    • Select Always send a read receipt to have Outlook return read receipts as you open messages automatically and without your knowing.
    • Choose Ask each time whether to send a read receipt to have Outlook pop up a dialog when you have read an email (i.e. have opened and now closed it or progressed to a different email); in the dialog,
      • click Yes under Do you want to send a receipt to have Outlook deliver a read receipt for this—and just this—email;
      • click No to prevent Outlook from sending a read receipt for this message (but ask you again for the next email whose sender has asked for such a receipt).
  1. Click OK.

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