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Automatic removal of dangerous attachments
Last Updated 10 years ago

As I';m sure your aware, every email received is scanned by the AV Gateway before being allocated for delivery and this gateway operates on pattern matching to identify malicious emails and attachments.

Recently however, bad people have started sending attachments as .zip files which start with a JMP relative and then self-extract in memory before execution. The position and code at the relative landing point changes daily. This makes it very differcult for the AV engine to identify the virus until its patterns have been updated and they can't be updated until a new variant has been identified and added. This all means that despite our best efforts *some* of these compressed executable files are getting through some some customers are becomming infected because of this.

After much consideration and to safeguard customers, we have now filtered all compressed attachments containing executable attachments. This means that you will receive some spam email's with attachments removed - please delete these.

If you need to send .zip files with executable attachments then you can do one of the following:

1. Rename the executable files

2. Encrypt the zip file with a password (and select to encrypt catalog)

3. Use FTP to distribute executable files (Contact your Account Manager for some free FTP space on one of our servers).

4. Use FastLinks on our archive server (again, contact your account manager for some free space for this).

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