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Mailing List and Group Options
Last Updated 6 years ago

GENX Supports a comprehensive set of list and group services and the basic's are explained here.

Any List/Group is given an email address (the list address) and this address can be

  • Only List Members can post or Everyone can post
  • Hide this list from the Global Address Book (if utilised)
  • Enable EXPN and LIST Commands
  • Enable or Disable Thread Numbering

For each member of the list you can have the following permissions

  • Normal - The member receives posts to the list and can contribute to the list
  • Digest - The member receives only summary posting from the list
  • Read Only - The member can only read from the list but not contribute.
  • Post Only - The member can only send to the group, but not read.

The following subscription options are available

  • Allow/Disallow subscription Requests
  • Limit List Membership to x members

Moderation can be enabled giving one or more moderators, or giving a password to be used when posting.

Additional Notification can be setup giving a specific user notification of

  • Subscriptions
  • UnSubscription
  • Excessive Message Size

and you can optionally inform non-members that their message was rejected (if only list members can post) or silently ignore it.

A Public Folder can be setup to hold copies of list posts and specific permissions can be set on this folder in addition to the list permissions.

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