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ALL Customers should use authenticated sessions or risk failures
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When a foreign host (one outside of the GEN network) connects to the GENX or GENZone servers to deliver email, it can either identify itself as a customer, or ask to transfer email unauthenticated.

If it authenticates, then all further verification of the host will be suspended and the email will be accepted, otherwise, anti-spam and anti-virus countermeasures will have to be passed before the email will be accepted.

A good example of this would be sending email from broadband service at home, where IP addresses are issued from a pool and that pool is redly polluted with compromised PC causing hosts to be blacklisted. In this scenario, without authentication, email's would be accepted some days, rejected others without any clear pattern. It would in fact just depend on what IP address you had been allocated from your provider for that day.

The procedures to configure common client software is listed below. If your are using a gateway with a mail server then you will need to use the AUTH credentials you were issued when purchasing the gateway service.

Mozilla Thunderbird

For Outlook 2010 and later

  • Go to Account Settings
  • Select the 'Outgoing Server' tab.
  • Tick 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication'
  • Select 'Log on using'
  • Enter the AuthSMTP username (email address) and password we supplied when you signed up
  • Tick the 'Remember password' option
For Apple IOS

  • Go to Settings, then select Mail.
  • Select Accounts from the top then select the account in question.
  • Select Account - >
  • Select SMTP under Outgoing Mail Server
  • Select under Primary Server
  • Enter the username and password into this screen and then click Done at the top.

Other Clients will have similar sounding options, and a quick search of the internet for Outgoing Authentication for... will probably give instructions.

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