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How to retrieve core files from a Sangoma Vega
Last Updated 6 years ago

When your VEGA is crashing and rebooting, and show reboot gives you "Watchdog" then it will create a core dump of the kernel and memory into the root directory. Sangoma will tell you they need 'team viewer' access to retrieve this but they don't and its sometimes quicker to just do it yourself.

This article assumes you are familiar with Linux, if your not then its best to let sangoma retrieve it for you.

So first step is to enable the debug ssh server and this is done either via telnet/ssh or the web interface. Into either enter the command

shell dbssh start

This will bring up another ssh server on port 2022. Now you just need to scp the file from the server using a command like

scp -P 2022 root@ .

So that's connecting to the vega at and retrieving the file /core to your current local directory. Scp isn't known for its speed so this may take a few minutes to complete. If your linux desktop doesn't have scp then just add it with yum or apt-get, etc.

Finally we need to stop the ssh server and we can do that using the command

shell dbssh stop

from the console, web GUI or via telnet/ssh to the normal ports.

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