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Account Frozen (or Disabled)
Last Updated 5 years ago

Your email data is precious and should remain secure at all times. BotNet's and other attacks can be leveraged against your email account to try and brute-force (try all possible combinations) your password.

To prevent this we use dynamic screening to monitor and block IP Addresses that are presenting unusual behaviour and this includes multiple bad password attempts. When dynamic screening detects bad password attempts from multiple locations it will 'freeze' the account to prevent any further attempts to succeed. In most cases we will restore accounts within an hour or so after the threat has been assessed, but you may need to raise a ticket at the HelpDesk if you need it sooner or if it is still Frozen/Disabled for a period. We will investigate each specific incident and act accordingly.

Remember, this is a function to protect your account and its data and whilst it may occasionally be inconvenient the alternatives are far less favourable.

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