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So, for many years now blacklists have been used to identify mail hosts that are responsible for either routing, or originating spam. By using blacklists we can significantly reduce spam. Over the years blacklists have come and gone, but a few good ones remained and we take advantage of all these instead of just one.

There are two types of blacklist;

Automated - These use honeypots and other sourced to automaticaly measure and blacklist IP Addresses (and in some cases sender domains). These automated systems usually expire entries every 24 or 48 hours and then re-list if spam continues. Whilst some of these blacklists have ISP programmes where our mail servers can be omitted, there is often no way to manually be removed from the list, save for expiry.

Maintained - These use manual submissions from mail admins and sys admins, who take their own time to submit spam reports. This blacklists often list for a week or more and some indefinately. To be removed, you need to make an application to the blacklist.

In our mail gateways, we require an IP to be listed in two or more automated blacklists, or one maintained blacklist before mail is rejected.

If your email is being rejected, then you can check your listing in any number of online tools, and we have a blacklist diagnostic tool on our support site.

Whitelisting, can overcome blacklisting, but GEN are rarely persuaded to employ whitelisting without compelling evidence. We don't like spammers, and neither do our customers.

Generally all the blacklists that exist are of great benefit to the email community in reducing spam and malware. There is only one blacklist remaining which seeks to extort money for their services; baracudacentral, which blocks randomly, and offers domain holders the option of $20 (or more) to remove their domain name permanently. Pretty much everyone believes this to be wrong, but it still happens. If you email is being blocked by baracudacentra, then DO NOT pay them any money as that will simply encourage the process.

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